“When a special police task force kick open the doors of elite underground fight den – Club Knuckledust, they find seven levels of hell, filled with the dead bodies of countless fighters, assassins and goons. Only one man, beaten to a pulp, barely breathing, is still alive: Hard Eight. With a shady Government official en route to take him away, Chief Inspector Katherine Keaton and her team have ninety minutes to interrogate Hard Eight to find out if is the lone survivor or a multiple murderer. With lies flying from everyone’s mouths and corruption becoming apparent, Keaton starts to wonder “Who is the real criminal?”

-Futuristic Films

Director James Kermack
Composer Walter Mair
Additional Music Frank Schlick & Timo Jagersberger
Synth Programmer Timo Jagersberger
Genre Action, Thriller
Actors Moe Dunford(Vikings), Kate Dickie(Game of Throns)
Year 2020


Zel, a lonely young man’s life changes when his enigmatic neighbour offers to help him overcome social anxiety.

You can find a longer Trailer here

Director Adam Morse
Composer Walter Mair
Additional Music Timo Jagersberger
Score Producer Timo Jagersberger
Genre Sci-Fi, Thriller
Actors Billy Zane(Titanic), Sadie Frost, Laurie Calvert
Year 2018


Stay Curious! 

„There are always ups and downs, but you have the opportunity to choose a new perspective and change your mind.“

Production: Filmkabinett
Frank Schlick & Timo Jagersberger
Director & DP Duo: Florian Albert & Mathias Obmascher
Edit: Mathias Obmascher
Grading: Nico Wieseneder
Making Of Photography: Clemens Bartl
Sounddesign: Romain Kuhn
Voice Over: Jason Kappus
Talent: Mathäus Gartner


Had the honour to work with fellow composer Walter Mair on the music for his  project with OXFAM.

This is the heist no one is talking about: £78bn a year of corporate tax dodging in poor countries, robbing them of vital funds for public services like healthcare. Just a third of that would cover the bill to prevent the needless deaths of 8m mothers and children. Tom Green’s hard hitting new film for Oxfam GB with DontPanic, MPC​, SIREN and Whitehouse Post dramatically illustrates the devastating human cost. Hold them to account.

Director Tom Green
Genre AD
Year 2017

Between a Rock and a hard Place

When Neil returns to his home town from the beaten track he had wandered onto he encounters Walter, a man he hasn’t seen for 15 years. When Walter suggests that he Neil work for him, Neil duly accepts. However Walter harbors a secret, a secret that when Neil discovers puts him in between a rock and a hard place.


Director Alastair Gourlay
Composer Walter Mair
Additional Music Timo Jagersberger
Genre Drama
Year 2017


INTERSPORT – Made For Movement (McKinley)

Client: Intersport International
Musik: Timo Jagersberger
Sounddesign: Frank Schlick
Production: Filmkabinett
Agency: Panama
Director & DP Duo: Florian Albert & Mathias Obmascher (Filmkabinett)
Edit: Mathias Obmascher
Grading: Nico Wieseneder
Talents: Lena Koller, Stefan Ager

Bonanza Festival

Bonanza is an open air electronic music festival that takes place once a year in Innsbruck, Austria. 

Director Clemens Wirth
Genre Music Festival
Year 2017

Weaving Tides

Weaving Tides is a cozy adventure game – ride carpet dragons and patch up a world made of magic and textile.

Developer Follow The Feathers
Composer Frank Schlick & Timo Jagersberger
Sound Design Timo Jagersberger


NIVA is an award-winning pacifistic exploration art game. The player slips into the role of a mighty forest god to restore the harmony in a mesmerizing forest and relieve it of a mysterious infestation. This shuddersome, mothlike infestation is drawn to the conflicts of the forest’s inhabitants. Through observation and by using the abilities of nurturing and withering fascinating plants the player can solve said conflicts. NIVA’s scenic art style, relaxing music and simple but intriguing game mechanics invite to explore the forest and have a rest from the stressful everyday life.

NIVA was released on November 1st 2016.


Genre Exploration Art Game
Team Verena Demel, Radomir Dinic, Klaus Fehkührer, Wilfried Gruber, David Hofbauer, Michael Huber, Sebastian Rangger, Dominik Uhl
Year 2016


  • ACGA – Best Game 2016
  • ACGA – Best Student Project 2016
  • ADC – Junior Award Bronze 2017
  • Subotron – Live Pitch Finalist 2016


Link You can download the game here



Timo Jagersberger is an Austrian composer living in Salzburg who has worked on award-winning projects like “THE HEIST NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT” (OXFAM) and “NIVA” (GAME). His repertoire ranges from films, advertisements and trailers to interactive media like video games. His compositions range from epic orchestral scores to small dramatic ensembles and hybrid electronic film music.

Timo studied Musicology in Graz and has a master’s degree in Music and Sound Design from the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg.


Timo Jagersberger


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